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How To Dress Casually and Still Feel Great

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The flexibility and freedom of the casual dress code can be a little overwhelming. Most men & women will thus tend to retreat into the default foolproof outfit: jeans, a t-shirt, and a cool pair of sneakers. 


In this article, you will see that there are more subtleties to spice up your casual look!


1-The Key Is Feeling Comfortable 


The whole idea of dressing casually is feeling tremendous & one of the ways to achieve that is to wear what’s comfortable for you! 


Your casual wear could be a T-shirt or good denim and T-shirt combo. However, we will tell you that it’s the casual wear you should don on if it’s comfortable for you!


2- It Has To Fit Your Body Type


Get to know your body shape: Dressing casually and feeling great has to do a lot with embracing the fashion look! 


One way to do that is by knowing what your body shape is – If you know what your body shape is, you will be able to shop accordingly and embrace the fashion, this making you feel comfortable and great about it!


Even if you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, it got to work well, and that doesn’t mean it’s got to be tight; it just has to fit your body type. 


So, if you on the slimmer side, that means the slim fit would correctly work with you; for bigger guys, you shouldn’t look for too loose clothing, so the perfect size can be found by contrasting your top and bottom clothes like if you are big from up, let’s get loose jeans or pants and vice versa.


3- Pay Good Attention To The Colours


Let’s face it; colours make everyone happy! Sure, casual dressing means not going over the top, but no one ever said it should include colours! 


Including colours in your casual dressing will undoubtedly make you feel great. It also gives you many options to choose from.


Choosing the appropriate colours will make a massive difference in how your outfit looks on you. 


4- Do Little Things To Make Your Outfit More Casual 


For example, if you are wearing a sports coat, but you feel a little bit overdressed, you can easily cuff the sleeves a little bit. If you are wearing a button-up shirt, you can roll up your sleeves or wear it untucked.


For the pants, fashion designer always sees that it is recommended to cuff your pants up in summer. If you are wearing shoes or sneakers, you can go sockless or wear a sock showing a little bit of your ankle that would make it more casual.


That might sound uncomfortable for you if you are not using to do it. Still, like everything, it will be just for the first time, and then you will feel that you know what you are doing and what represents your character.




5- Casual Outfits Layering


One of the styles to seize casual outfits is by layering! Layering Casual Outfits makes the look more enlightened. It can also quirk your style up depending upon how you plan to layer the casual outfits! 


You could either add a vest, jacket or merely a cardigan. These are some ways you can layer your everyday outfits and add some depth to your casual attire!




Wrapping Up


Dressing casually is a style statement in itself: It is one of those not only carefree and comfortable styles, but it can experiment with too! We at LXURY love the casual dress attire. These were some of the tips on how to dress casually and still feel great about it!

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