About The Brand

ÉLANCE is a well-known Dutch luxury lifestyle brand that is always committed to offer luxurious prints at affordable prices by following the latest trends in fashion. Founded by Desley van Alphen, a young entrepreneur in 2015, ÉLANCE has quickly become a contemporary icon of lifestyle.

The company’s slogan “The ÉLANCE Lifestyle” and its innovative high-end clothing designs for men and women, allows people to make a statement about themselves through the clothes they wear.

ÉLANCE is merely a translation of one’s mindset. ÉLANCE stands for the believers, for the ones that have no fear of pursuing their dream. ÉLANCE allows people to unleash their full potential and live the life in their own terms.

Comfort, quality fabrics, affordable prices, high customer satisfaction, and diverse styling are some key terms that not only set ÉLANCE brand apart from its competitors but helps it to gain the international celebrity following as well. At ÉLANCE, we create our own unique style based on our research. Having a growing presence throughout the world, ÉLANCE promises to deliver a hassle-free return policy by providing high customer service.

Want to give your wardrobe a chic update? Get in touch with us to experience the real-time fashion of clothing. We are the ultimate destination for fashion, driven towards a community of inspired youth. Right now, we are selling the clothing and other accessories through our website. We are planning to provide our products in selected stores in the near future.